American Dream

8 Nov

The American dream is a unique idea that is very influential in how we go about finding our way in the world. The American dream is the idea that no matter what economic background, race, gender or disability a person has they can overcome it and become successful.

To me the American dream is basically what I said above about people succeeding despite their challenges; although I agree with this the American dream needs to be modified a little. Growing up in Carmel I’ve been blessed with a lifestyle free from the bonds of major economic challenges and while being perfectly healthy (despite from some A.D.H.D) I don’t really have much to comply with what people consider the standard definition of the dream. I am a minority being African American, but I do not personally believe that seriously damages my ability to be successful. For those reasons to me the American dream is what you want it to be, weather it has to do with growing up rich coming from a well off family or being able just to get by but having a crap load of fun every day, the dream is what you want it to be.

“Though the Census of 1890 declared that the frontier was no more, the idea of packing up and moving on to better things has never faded.” Moving on to better things can have a lot of meanings not necessarily growing up to be wealthy. The American dream to me is as simple as being happy.


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