12 Nov

Having a dad that’s a doctor I’ve been blessed with a lot of advantages. I haven’t always lived in Carmel, but my years have been pretty financially secure. Growing up with a dad as a doctor doesn’t mean I get everything I want though. I don’t have a lot of the clothes and video game systems my friends have because my parents don’t want me to become spoiled. I have a lot of friends who are in tough situations and don’t have a lot of the things I take for granted like a room to myself, because of these things when I see people with less than me I look at them like I would anybody else. Humbled by the fact that my parents don’t spoil me and the eye opening experiences I’ve had with close friends who aren’t so well off I view people around me who aren’t doing as well by their character not how advantaged they are. When I see people who are better off than me and my family instead of hating I envy that person and think about what I can do to be just as successful. In the end I would say that my advantages don’t affect how I view other people, because to me it’s all about how a person carries themself not how advantaged they are.


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