Embody the dream

12 Nov

My version of the American dream was whatever career makes you happy and gets you where you want to go. My version of the American dream is different because when most people think of the American dream they think wealth while my version is centered around happiness. In my version you can be as financially secure as you want as long as it makes you happy.

With that being said the person I chose who I believe best fits my version of the American dream is Dwyane wade.

I chose Dwyane because this guy is one of the best examples I could think of when it comes to working hard at what you love to reach true happiness. There are plenty of times in Dwyane’s career when he could’ve given up, like when he was struggling growing up poor in Chicago with a mother addicted to drugs, when he ended up having a couple of kids out of wed-lock in college or when he tore up his knee and shoulder, injuries that could’ve easily ended any other players career but Dwyane powered through. Nowadays Dwyane is doing what he loves everyday for millions as a career. Dwyane is a great example because he’s somebody is doing what he loves, something that he’s always wanted to do and it’s making him truly happy.


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