How perception effects

12 Nov

Throughout the book Gatsby is judged or talking about in a perceptive way by almost every single person nick encounters. He was compared to everything from international terrorist to a high ranking official for the United States military. The way people perceived Gatsby throughout the book knew little to nothing about how Gatsby truly was.

In prufrok he would talk about how he was scared about how his actions was look to other people so much so that he couldn’t speak. Perception affected prufrok so much that it affected him physically. In the book Gatsby was also affected by perception. I believe that the wild rumors circulating his parties were part of the reason he often seemed never truly engaged. Unlike prufrok I believe that Gatsby generally enjoyed listening to the rumors that he would hear at his own parties which would be a good explanation as to why he kept inviting them over.

I perceive myself as a laid back individual whose mood can change dramatically depending on the situation. From the outside looking in if you don’t know me you probably assume that I’m not that intelligent from the way I carry myself and the people I hang around. When I know I’m going into a situation where people may be hostile or different in their ways of doing things in comparison to myself I tend to “put on a mask” to fit in with the crowd instead of standing out.


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