14 Nov

Consequences are everywhere we look. From the decision to hang out with people to eating foot all our choices have consequences. In the book Gatsby made a lot of decisions that affected he’s ultimate dream of being with daisy. Gatsby decided that he was going to be with daisy no matter what situation. Gatsby knew daisy was married and also made the decision to pursue her in the same way he had four years ago not even wondering if she might have changed. If Gatsby had thought about these things or maybe had a different approach he could have gotten wit daisy but instead he ended up failing. I believe that when it comes to any dream people need to have a plan. Taking things in to account may seem to spoil the dream in the short term but in the long term it can prevent disappointment or even possible death as learned in Gatsby’s case. Where would Barrack Obama be if he hadn’t came up with a plan and take things into account to reach his dream of becoming president? In life it’s hard to get anywhere without taking things into account let alone reaching your dreams.


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